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Learning Opportunities

These courses are not to be taken as medical advice - Please consult your healthcare professional for medical consult or treatment

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Soul Nourishment for the High Holidays

Ready Your Neshamah

Join Rabbi Jamie for the upcoming Yamim Nora’im (High Holidays)! Through this four-part, ongoing mini course, we will explore different traditions, texts, and rituals surrounding the High Holidays.


Courses are approximately 30-45 minutes

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The Jewish History and Folklore of Amulets

Discover & Create with Rabbi Jamie

In today’s uncertain times, we all could use a little extra support or boost from our Jewish heritage.

Let’s explore together what Judaism has to say about the ancient practice of making amulets. Learn about the various types of talismans, their history, and composition. This course is great for artists and historians alike!

Synagogue Mini-Courses
Soul Candle

Soul Candles

Come & Connect with Your Ancestral Heritage

In this 4 part workshop, we will learn the Ashkenazi women’s tradition of making Soul Candles before the High Holidays. By making these candles, Jewish womxn honor their ancestors and ask for blessings that help protect the living.


This course will cover some of the history and folklore of the practice and it will also include creative candle making.


Courses are approximately 30 minutes each


More Learning Opportunities

      Individualized courses may include:


  • Jewish rituals around Death and Dying

  • Jewish Amulets and Childbirth

  • Jewish History of the Hudson Valley

Rabbi Jamie is also able to provide custom research or a specialized curriculum to fit the interests of every individual.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Jewish Birth Experience

Learn & Prepare with Judaism

Are you a new parent or guardian? Are you interested in exploring the Jewish birthing practices of the past? Then this is the course for you!


Over the period of 10 weeks, we’ll explore the history, legends, and folklore surrounding Ashkenazi birthing practices from conception to birth. Please bring an open mind, loving heart, and compassionate neshama (spirit)!

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