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Making Jewish Tradition Accessible

Rabbi Jamie Serber is a freelance spiritual leader who brings her rabbinic knowledge and heart to each person that she works with to create a personalized Jewish experience. 

Whether it is celebrating a birth or preparing for end-of-life care or anything in between,
Rabbi Jamie is here to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

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A compassionate teacher and guide, Rabbi Jamie creates personalized rituals that are meaningful to you and your family


With many diverse and creative teachings, Rabbi Jamie has many areas of expertise that can guide and assist you

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Rabbi Jamie is an intuitive and welcoming rabbi located in New Paltz, NY. She prides herself on her work as a hospice chaplain and on her creativity in the reimagining of traditional Jewish rituals. 


She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, hiking, and exploring family history through mediumship and research.

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Rabbi Jamie worked with my community when she was a student, and I have enjoyed watching her grow into the fine rabbi that she has become. Rabbi Jamie will provide heartfelt, thoughtful, and sensitive guidance to all who seek out her services. I am pleased to recommend her.

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler

Woodstock Jewish Congregation

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